Legal Support



Collecting debt in a foreign legal system can be an overwhelming, time consuming task that often ends up becoming cost-ineffective. This process becomes even more complicated when you factor in the cultural and language differences.


FDC can provide you with the means to navigate the cross-border legal complexities when all other recovery options have been exhausted. Our legal team has access to our sister companies (Feidu International Investigations) investigative services and a network of independent collection attorneys that have extensive experience in the field.


Whether you’re interested in obtaining legal evidence for the court or seeking to litigate a case, FDC can provide you with the legal services needed to make your debtor meet their financial obligations.


To maximize our client's chances of making a full recovery and create a professional, beneficial relationship, we offer our clients the following services:



•         No sign-up costs or advanced fees

•         Money transferred directly to clients

•         Immediate feedback

•         Personalized services

•         Legal Debt collection Services and Litigation Support

•         Asset searches (property and bank investigation)

•         Skip-tracing (find a person)



Cost Transparency and Confidentiality


· All legal costs are discussed up front


· Our FDC agent will inform and seek approval prior to any legal initiative


· All possible outcomes are conferred to our clients so you are entirely conscious of all probable outcomes


· All methods and avenues seek the most cost effective measures


Our Rates

FDC’s rates are highly competitive with the standards of the industry. Moreover, our commission is only paid after a successful recovery.

Location Services

FDC offers the best Chinese based services in skip tracing, asset searches and debtor location. Our sister company, Feidu International Investigations, provides us with unparalleled ability to locate and recover wherever the person is located.