About Us

Feidu Debt Collection has over a decade of experience with commercial and consumer debt collection processes and practices in China. We offer a full and comprehensive range of debt collection services. Our specialists have become so proficient that we very often receive requests from other agencies inside and out of China to help with their collection needs.


With the high amount of claims, debt collection in China has become ever more important. The collection of unpaid invoices has placed a demand for international debt collection agencies in China. However, collecting debt in this country is not a straight forward, logical process. The rules and regulations dictating collection practices in China are complicated and often unclear in regard to the law. In fact, most demand letters dispense with any legal mandates and use very little fact to highlight the strength of the case. To enforce claims, the indebted individual must understand the forces united against him are to beyond his or her ability to dismiss. This is why wholly deserving suits can fail where an underserving case will succeed. If the right individuals are brought on board, the chance of recovery is much greater. In addition, to complicate matters more, different areas in China use different collection methods. For example, in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the laws and collection practices differ greatly.


To navigate the complexities of law and necessary relationships, it is often advised to hire an experienced company. As such, Feidu International Debt Collection Agency has the experience, communication with other agencies, firms and legal establishments to bring quick resolutions. We strive to offer the best services on a 24-hour basis. Any questions and concerns throughout each case will be handled promptly by one of our on-site employees. For further information, please contact us at your convenience.


To maximize our client's chances of making a full recovery and create a professional, beneficial relationship, we offer our clients the following services:


•         No sign-up costs or advanced fees

•         Money transferred directly to clients

•         Immediate feedback

•         Personalized services

•         Legal debt collection services and litigation support

•         Asset searches (property and bank investigation)

•         Skip-tracing (find a person) in China