Shanghai Debt Collection

Feidu Debt Collection Agency (FDC) is located in downtown Shanghai. Our team has operated in this city for the last decade. In that time, we’ve amassed a great deal of experience, knowledge and built the necessary relationships to facilitate debt collection in a safe and convenient manner.


Shanghai has historically been one of China’s largest cities for the past 100 years. It was also considered the top ranking business center for stock markets, gold acquisition and selling and the forex currency market in the 1930s.

Currently, Shanghai is the 2nd largest stock market center in the world, sitting behind the NYSE and NASDAQ . In addition, this international city has over 28 million people and a GDP of more than $400 billion US dollars (2016 estimates). With such a large population and extensive international business centers, the import and export markets are flourishing. However, because the city is growing at such an alarming rate, legislative policies and practices often lag far behind. As a result, protecting the rights and interests of business owners, both domestically and abroad, can be challenging. This is where FDC comes in. We have the ability to navigate these pitfalls and provide you with the ability to make a speedy recovery.


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Shanghai Debt Collection

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Tel: + 86 21 5992 1896 * English and Chinese speaking 24/7


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